FYI – Redundancy

This page will appear to have some redundancy for awhile because I will be posting both here and on Tumblr. Currently, I use a plugin that shows the last 10 posts of my Tumblr, but I plan on instead making posts both here and on Tumblr. While redundant, it will mean that posts made on the WordPress blog will stay there and be searchable. Plus, I may eventually make posts here that don’t end up on Tumblr.

Once I’ve organized them thoroughly enough, I will remove the Tumblr feed below and be managing both in their respective places unless I can find a plugin that pushes WordPress posts over into Tumblr. Last I looked, and it was pretty recent, such a thing is only available if you’re hosted by and not your own domain. There had also been an a plugin that did it but was abandoned and given up on. I’ll keep an eye out and search again in the near future.