The Jin Saga (Comic)

Posted by Cat | | Wednesday 19 March 2014 8:06 pm

All chapters were written by me, Cat, inspired by the Tekken video game franchise. This comic was a collaboration between myself and some artists at a Tekken forum called Tekken Nation that has shut down. Upon request, I have re-uploaded this comic for posterity and reference to anyone interested.

Chapter 1 – Your Father – Artwork by Tequila, Shadi, and Ishy.
Chapter 2 – That Fateful Night – Artwork by Aozame, Kicky, and Ishy.
Chapter 3 – Heihachi Mishima – Artwork by Aozame, Kicky, and Ishy.
Chapter 4 – New Friends – Artwork by Kicky, Trick Trap, and Ishy.

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