The Master Mev: Chapter 61 – Feeling Appreciated


At Sweet Apple Acres on Wednesday afternoon, the stage was set for Scootalo’s little stunt show. There was a winding wooden ramp, some barrels, and some hoops.

The audience sat on some bleachers facing the staged area. Among them were the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Team Friendship with the exception of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash themselves of course. Additionally, some students from both the local schools were there.

Wearing her purple helmet with two white stripes in the middle, Scootaloo looked at the audience with quiet awe. She stood with her scooter atop the winding ramp.

“Ready?” Rainbow’s voice asked behind her.

Scootaloo looked up at her sister figure and nodded firmly.

Rainbow Dash lifted herself to fly down and play announcer though she still hovered in place as she did. “Welcome everyone to the Scootaloo Stunt Show! This little filly has a big heart and bold attitude! Get ready for something amazing, awesome, and Scooootacular!!”

The audience clapped at the introduction and waited.

With a smile, Scootaloo lifted her hoof and took off down the ramp. She rolled down, winded through, and rolled some more until the ramp sloped slightly back up and helped her shoot out to soar through three hoops. She landed on a wooden plank acting as another ramp to finish her descent.

Applause and cheers roused through the air.

Next, Scootaloo weaved her way through a few barrels set up below the hoops. She did a few more spins in front before stopping to take a breather as Rainbow Dash moved things around for the next setup. This time, there was still a wooden plank acting as a ramp but only one hoop, and it was raised a little higher than before.

A small bed of hay was on the other side. Past it and slightly above that was a small cloud, each to act as a cushion for her landing though she and Rainbow had a little something extra planned. The audience was left to wonder but did notice the alignment.

Buzzing her small wings, Scootaloo sped up over the plank to spin a full circle before making her way through the hoop.

She tossed the scooter into the bed of hay and thrust herself into Rainbow’s waiting forelimbs.

The older pegasus grabbed Scootaloo’s forelimbs and tossed her skyward. Scootaloo curled herself into a little ball, doing several flips until she landed safely on the cloud.

Again, the audience cheered. Rainbow recovered the scooter and set up a basic skating ramp for Scootaloo to finish off her last round of stunts. When finished, the filly wheeled over to stop before the audience. Remembering how Rainbow pointed out she could hover even if she couldn’t lift for a longer flight, Scootaloo fluttered upward for a moment before descending into a proud bow. Cheers rang through from hers and Rainbow’s friends yet again.

Rainbow thanked the audience, and the performance was over.

The students from the schools stopped by to shake hooves or claws, compliment her work, and congratulate her for a job well done.

Scootaloo felt like she was flying on the inside. After it was all over, she ran to give Rainbow Dash a tight hug. “I needed this more than I could ever need real flying,” she said with tears in her eyes. “But I still want the real flying,” she added with a chuckle.

Rainbow Dash held her tight in turn. “I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that.”

Scootaloo giggled and fiddled with Rainbow’s mane. “I forgive you.” She ran off to talk to Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. Rainbow caught sight of a blueish green figure in her peripheral view. The sky blue pegasus approached Gallus.

“Nice show,” Gallus nodded his head toward the set.

“I hope you told the star,” Rainbow replied to him.

“I did,” he said. “Professor Dash, is thereā€¦” he hesitated. “How did your trip to Griffonstone go?”

Rainbow Dash stood silent a moment. She wondered if the young griffon had already sensed Grant. After all, the idol himself sensed Gallus the previous night. For now, she played it cool. “Quite well. Do you have some time this afternoon? I actually have something important to show you in particular.”

“Me?” Gallus asked in surprise.

Rainbow nodded with a serious look.


“Meet me at the gym at the school,” Rainbow told him.

“Just me?” the young griffon asked.

Rainbow stroked her chin thoughtfully. She wanted to keep Grant and his magic safe. Gallus and his friends were hardly a threat to the idol. Plus, if she did get into the habit of showing Grant off, it would be hard to hide him from the others after awhile.

The mev glanced around to make sure no one was closely watching or listening in. All of the other students had left by this point, and the crusader friends were eagerly chatting among themselves.

Rainbow leaned close to speak quietly with Gallus. “If you bring any of your friends, tell them this part is an actual secret. Only the ones who know about me for real. It is in the best interest of you and Griffonstone to keep it that way.” She gave him a stern look. “I’m very serious about this. Do you understand?”

Gallus nodded and took a nervous gulp. “Right, sure. I’ll be there.”

Sensing his fear, the mev softened into a warm smile and put a gentle hoof to his shoulder. “Hey, it’s going to be fine. This is a good thing. I just…need to protect something.”

Gallus smiled weakly at that. “If you say so. We’ll see, huh?”

“That we will,” Rainbow told him, this time with a surefire smile before she glided her way to the chatting crusaders.

Put slightly at ease by her demeanor, Gallus flew off to find his own friends.


Sometime later, at the gym, Gallus, Silverstream, Ocellus and Smolder waited. Yona and Sandbar had other matters to attend to that afternoon. They asked to be informed on whatever happened and promised they would respect this very serious secret.

Rainbow Dash arrived wearing her saddlebags and opened one to pull out Grant.

To the ignorant, they saw a golden object with a clawed foot as its base. A red sphere rested in the middle resembling a something between a saucer and a cup. However, that middle extended into a wing design curling up and around to make its top.

“What’s that?” Silverstream asked. She pointed at it in curiosity.

Ocellus blinked, trying to recall if she knew it. “I…don’t know,” she admitted.

“Well, it looks kinda cool,” Smolder said thoughtfully. “And griffon-y. Do you know what it is, Gallus?”

The griffon’s mouth hung open. While he had heard his friends, he was too busy soaking in the sight, completely awestruck.

“Gallus?” Smolder repeated, waving her clawed hand to catch his attention.

Gallus’ eyes watered, but he tried to hold back the tears. “This is the idol of Boreas,” he informed his friends. He wiped his eyes and looked at Rainbow Dash. “Master, how did you get it?”

“Trade secret,” the master mev replied proudly, just as she had done with Grampa Gruff back in Griffonstone.

“I don’t get it,” Smolder said. “What’s so special about this thing? Besides, you know, the look.”

“This was the pride of Griffonstone,” Gallus began to explain. “But it was stolen. And then…lost to an abyss. Its loss is how we don’t have a king anymore.

“We all know the story. Its just…a lot of us didn’t really believe it anymore. Gilda told me she saw the idol when Rainbow Dash visited the first time, and not her or Rainbow could get it.

“I didn’t believe her at the time, but when I see it here and now, I can feel a connection with this thing and how real it is after all.”

“Same thing happened with Gilda when she saw it back then,” Rainbow informed him.

“Why are you showing it to me?” Gallus asked. Though honored, he was quite confused.

“It was part of my agreement for the use I have of this idol,” the master mev answered. “He sensed your presence and wanted to be seen by you. And maybe appreciated as well.”

“He?” Ocellus asked with intrigue.

“Mm-hmm. More magic inner circle stuff that I can’t explain too much. I can probably at least tell you all he gave me his name as ‘Grant’ since it sounds like a griffon name, and I want certain things from him,” Rainbow said.

“Relics can talk?” Silverstream asked.

“Magic inner circle stuff,” Rainbow Dash repeated.

The young hippogriff blushed and gave a modest nod. She would not press the issue any further.

“Grant?” Gallus asked, and he broke into an interested smile.

The red sphere glowed for a moment.

“He heard me!” Gallus exclaimed.

Rainbow nodded in agreement. “I’ll bring him by to see you again from time to time. That is his wish.”

“Wow, thanks Master,” the young griffon said. He truly was impressed.

Rainbow Dash pushed Grant closer to Gallus. The young griffon’s eyes widened, but he was more than happy to oblige. He knew exactly what to do without Rainbow telling him. He placed his claw at the base holding the sphere to show his appreciation. Everyone stood silently for a few moments to let the griffon have his moment. And the idol too. Once done, a blushing Gallus handed the idol back to the master mev.

“So, can like non-griffons do that?” Smolder asked.

Gallus scratched the back of his head with embarrassed ignorance. “I don’t know.”

“I’ll find out another time,” Rainbow Dash offered.

The other students smiled appreciatively at that.

Now, the young dragon of the group had something else on her mind. “Hey Master Rainbow Dash,” she said, “I was wondering if it’s possible for us to see Blitz again, so long as you’re here.”

“Real quick,” Rainbow agreed. She quickly put Grant away in her saddlebag. She made some distance to summon Blitz.

The leviathan dread lifted out from her circle. She still looked as translucent and silver as ever. She was not quite as large as when the students first saw her though she was still large enough to look threatening if they did not know any better.

“A friend of ours wants to say hi to you. Smolder,” Rainbow Dash nodded her head in Smolder’s direction.

Blitz approached, slithered in a tight circle, and eyed the young orange dragon.

“Hi,” Smolder said with a nervous wave.

Blitz broke into a gentle smile gave a little nod to greet her back.

“Can she talk?” Smolder asked Rainbow Dash.

By this point, the pegasus was hovering in the air nearby. She stroked the back of her mane with slight embarrassment. “Sometimes, but we won’t do it today. It requires a little more than my own mev magic. It’s a rare and special thing too. You will have to make do with her body language for now.”

“Yeah, okay,” Smolder conceded. “So, uh, how did uh, Blitz tell Spike he was growing up for his molt? He said you translated that.”

Still hovering in place, Rainbow folded her forelimbs. She answered, “All body language. Maybe a little master mev instinct in between to help it along.”

Blitz herself demonstrated the gestures in front of Smolder, who smiled in eager fascination.

“How big is she for real?” Silverstream wondered, having noticed the difference between this sighting and the last.

“She was able to circle the pirate ship about four times if I recall,” Rainbow said.

“The pirates saw her?” asked a surprised Gallus.

“The day before our field trip, yeah. I had to catch up my friends on what’s been happening with me before asking for their help,” Rainbow explained further.

“Is there any cool new master mev stuff you can tell us today?” Ocellus openly hoped for some more. “Besides the idol, which is very cool to see. And all of this with Blitz.”

Rainbow thought for a moment. “Some things have definitely happened, but I’m not announcing every big shift in the life of a master mev. I’ll tell you I like the progress my pack is making in getting our Nightmare Night show ready.”

Ocellus nodded. “Okay.”

“And…” Rainbow paused to smile proudly. She again folded her forelimbs while she hovered, “…the Dragonlands are my next stop this weekend.”

“Cool!” Smolder said with a grin, and her entire body perked up at that.

“I do like to hear that part,” Ocellus added with a smile.

“That’s all from me this afternoon. I have some weather work to take care of next.

“Blitz, say good-bye to our friends and go back to the void,” the master mev commanded.

Blitz circled around the four other creatures and gave a small nod as her farewell before slipping away.

“She’s still scary,” Ocellus noted with a nervous titter.

The other three students, Smolder included, nodded in agreement.

“I’m glad to hear her power is still working as it should then,” Rainbow said. “Now I have to go too. You all take care.” She gave a friendly salute and left.

A certain quiet lingered among the group for a moment.

“I’m really glad Master Rainbow Dash is a nice vampire,” Silverstream finally said.

The others chuckled at that though they concurred with the sentiment.