Evil Ariel and Wicked Sailor Moon

These are both based on tracings from screenshots with some editing done by me to make these characters look evil. The first is Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid. The second is based on Wicked Lady from the anime TV series for Sailor Moon but made to look like an evil Sailor Moon.

What Most Schools Don’t Teach – Short Film (by CodeOrg)

My role as a programmer isn’t nearly as glamorous as one part of this video makes it, showing a relaxed work environment with several more people in an open place and places to play games, etc.. It is, however, very fulfilling and does make me feel like I have magic powers.

If a person were to come to me and express interest in pursuing learning to code but had some misgivings, I’d tell them the following, and it’s similar to what I’ve been told before.

Coding is about solving problems, sometimes in creative ways. The syntax is secondary and can be learned. If you know one language but don’t know another, it’s easy to learn (relatively speaking) because you’ll already have a grasp of the types of things you want to do. Maybe OR is expressed as “II” like in Javascript or as simply “OR” like in Coldfusion. That doesn’t matter so much as knowing when you want to tell a program: If this OR that, then do something.

I never really thought of myself as an analytical person until I learned programming. As the beginning of the video says, it really does teach you how to think.

A Clark Favorite – Find free street parking


I’m currently reading “Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times” by Clark Howard (of course). My mom had told me about him a couple of years ago, and he has a show on CNN offering monetary advice. I catch some of his Twitter updates too.

Anyway, during my read, I came across this part and thought it was funny.

Space Jam Tracings – Set 1

With my Tweety Hyde tracings done, I decided to go for favored Space Jam screenshots next. The little aliens turn into large monsters. I love it. This batch is the leader alien, mostly his transforming hand. Up next, I think I’ll work on the green alien, then maybe a couple of group shots (or just one? since the shots I have are so similar).

Traced and colored in Paint Tool SAI.

Tweety Hyde Tracings 2

These are the two more tracings I posted about yesterday that I wanted to get done. As noted then, based on screenshots from the Looney Tunes short, “Hyde and Go Tweet,” traced and colored in Paint Tool SAI.

Tweety Hyde Tracings

This is more than the mere 2 I did last time for Venom, but it’s what I’ve been working on lately, some older than others and many similar to each other. I do these for my own personal wallpapers but considering the effort that goes into doing that, I like to show them off and share too. These were traced and colored in Paint Tool SAI. I have 12 total as of this post and 2 more I want to do. They are based on screenshots from a Looney Tunes short called “Hyde and Go Tweet.” The rare times it does air these days is usually around Halloween and sometimes in an abridged version (even though it’s already short).