Hello again

Hello visitors, I know I have not posted a new post here in a long, while. Even the ones last posted were fed in from Tumblr. Well, I’m trying to clean up some things around here and figure some stuff out. I will be making a post shortly that starts from where I am at the moment and leaves out most of the past 6 years. The main things to know since March 2017 are that I made another personal blog, http://www.cathygreunkeweb.com/, got back into My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, and became absurdly obsessed with Rainbow Dash.

The other blog came about due to a precarious situation at work with my job so trying to make a more personal website by name. Anyway, the incoming post will not cover that history, but if a visitor wants to know such details for just a little more context, here they are now.