Mass Effect Progress

I’ve beaten ME1 3-4 times already, so it feels strange to title this post with “progress” but oh well. I am indeed progressing through it AGAIN.

My current play-through is attempting the following:
-Earn the Asari Ally trophy. I actually used Liara quite a bit on my FIRST play-through but evidently not enough because I did some side missions before I went to get her.
-Get up to 4 Charm/Intimidate if possible. With that, then on my NEXT play-through, I’ll earn 1 in each on becoming a Spectre and be at the 5 required for an exploitable glitch in a conversation with Lorik Qui’nn.

This is also with the general purpose of building a perfect Shepard, so that once I’ve maxed out my Charm/Intimidate overall, I can do an ultimate play-through with every option available and make whichever choices I want before finally moving onto ME2. While I’m at it, the trophy for reaching level 60 is bound to come up as well.

I’m going through as an Adept since that was my favorite between Soldier, Adept, and Engineer with the play-throughs I’ve done so far. I initially went with Soldier because it’s easiest, and I wanted all options for weapons and armor. But I think I had the most fun with Adept because of the powers. Since I play on Casual as it is, the game’s pretty easy so may as well pick the most fun role.

I don’t think I’ll be earning the platinum because as much as I like ME1, it’s certainly not for the shooting or difficulty and going through on Hardcore and/or Insanity, just doesn’t seem worth it, especially if what I’ve read of the Mako dying in like 1-2 hits is true. No thanks man. No thanks.