WIP Traced Devil Jin Pose

Pose is traced from a Tekken Blood Vengeance screenshot. Updates were made to make the character look more like his Tekken 5 version rather than the movie version. This draft is unfinished shading.

I need a break and sometimes doing so along with checking over the progress of the work helps think of ways to improve.

Tweety Hyde SAI Comparison

These are traced, both using Paint Tool SAI (trial version). The one on the left was using the pencil at 5px with size pressure on. The one on the right was on a “linework” layer using the Curve tool at 1px thickness (so no pressure). I prefer the left, but it helped to bring them side-by-side to see the difference. They’d probably a little more alike with an increased thickness for the one on the right using the Curve tool, but I think I’ll stick with using pencil with pressure on nonetheless.

Deadpool Wallpaper Edit

Tonight, for my own selfish purposes and because I saw another redditor asking the same thing I was thinking (is there a darker version?), I updated this wallpaper (artist unknown):

To this:

I used GIMP and some trickery with the Quick Mask, fuzzy select tool, and Colorize option.