2015 Writings

Tumblr Blogging:
Thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Body Count Stakes
Jessica Jones Review
Lost Odyssey and a Boy’s Tears
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Marriage Equality
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All of Us or None (The New Jim Crow Review and Highlights)
Infertility in Life and in Fiction
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Brainstorming Exercise
Hate Crime
Vaccination and False Balance
Samurai Deeper Kyo Review
Tekken 7 Jin Speculation

The Jin Saga 2
Chapter 7 – Evil
Chapter 8 – Nina
Chapter 9 – Eddy
Chapter 10 – Research
Chapter 11 – Fireplace
Chapter 12 – Opposition
Chapter 13 – Asuka
Chapter 14 – Russia
Chapter 15 – Espionage
Chapter 16 -Belief
Chapter 17 – Banquet
Chapter 18 – Miguel
Chapter 19 – Intrigue
Chapter 20 – Azazel
Chapter 21 – Servant
Chapter 22 – Orb
Chapter 23 – Epilogue