Peter Puppy

From a clip I can no longer find on YouTube (I think it was there), presumably based on an Earthworm Jim cartoon. Here is Peter Puppy transforming into his monster version.

Traced and colored in Paint Tool SAI.

Space Jam Tracings – Set 1

With my Tweety Hyde tracings done, I decided to go for favored Space Jam screenshots next. The little aliens turn into large monsters. I love it. This batch is the leader alien, mostly his transforming hand. Up next, I think I’ll work on the green alien, then maybe a couple of group shots (or just one? since the shots I have are so similar).

Traced and colored in Paint Tool SAI.

Tweety Hyde Tracings

This is more than the mere 2 I did last time for Venom, but it’s what I’ve been working on lately, some older than others and many similar to each other. I do these for my own personal wallpapers but considering the effort that goes into doing that, I like to show them off and share too. These were traced and colored in Paint Tool SAI. I have 12 total as of this post and 2 more I want to do. They are based on screenshots from a Looney Tunes short called “Hyde and Go Tweet.” The rare times it does air these days is usually around Halloween and sometimes in an abridged version (even though it’s already short).