The Master Mev: Chapter 48 – Scooting Uncertainty


On the same Thursday afternoon when Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Rarity spoke to Pee Wee and his family, the Cutie Mark Crusaders held a meeting at their clubhouse. Meetings weren’t always about crusading, and Sweetie Belle would give updates to her two friends on what she could about her role as Rhezenda to the master mev of Team Awesome. She knew she could share stuff about the Tuesday night magic lessons, and that was the discussion at hoof at the moment.

“You learned how to fly?” Scootaloo asked with an incredulous and jealous tone.

“Just hovering and gliding,” Sweetie Belle said defensively. She hoped things would not go this way, but she could not hide this fact. The young pegasus would have found out eventually by the show itself, from someone, even if she did not go. “It was just for the lesson and will be on Nightmare Night. I can’t grow wings whenever I want and do it. It’s not the same as being a real pegasus who can fly.”

“But…still…” Scootaloo replied. “You get to fly on Nightmare Night, and I don’t.” She folded her forelimbs while sitting in a disappointed pout.

The young white unicorn stared at the floor, trying to think of how to console her friend. “You could try asking her,” Sweetie Belle suggested.

“Huh?” That idea caught Scootaloo’s attention.

“Rainbow gets to use all the magic she wants for fun on Nightmare Night. She’s got rules for other times. We have fun during the lessons sure, but the point is to learn. She’s not an actual unicorn, alicorn, or draconequis. If a job can be done without reserved magic, she’s supposed to do it that way,” Sweetie Belle explained.

Scootaloo nodded. “Yeah, I remember.” And even if Rainbow was any of those things, she still couldn’t give the filly permanent flight ability.

“So, just ask her. You’re her little sister, and she gets this freebie,” Sweetie Belle pointed out.

“Do you really think she’d say ‘yes’?” Scootaloo asked, interested in the prospect but scared to be denied.

“I really can’t speak for my master beyond that, Scootaloo. I’m sorry. It’s part of my mev bond. But I do think you should ask her,” Sweetie Belle urged again.

“Well, she’s not my master,” Apple Bloom interjected, “and I think she would say ‘yes.’ Go for it. She’s trying real hard to get you the real thing, isn’t she?”

Scootaloo nodded then asked Sweetie Belle, “When does she even have time? I’d rather ask her without anyone else there.”

“That’s something I can definitely arrange as Rhezenda,” Sweetie Belle happily offered, perking up at being able to help her friend. “She’ll be here soon to pick me up. I’ll tell her you have a request, and Apple Bloom and I will make ourselves scarce.”

“Right, we’ll just head over to the barn so Rainbow knows where to find us when you’re done,” Apple Bloom decided.

Scootaloo blushed. “Thanks you two.”

The other two Crusaders nodded with friendly smiles.

The meeting wore on until at long last, the expected knock from the master mev arrived.

“Hi Master,” Sweetie Belle greeted. “Scootaloo has requested some time one-on-one with you this afternoon.”

“Has she now?” Rainbow Dash asked with an interested smile, looking at Scootaloo.

The pegasus filly looked nervous as she stared at the floor but smiled back and nodded.

“Very well,” Rainbow agreed with a polite bow of her head, fully entering into the clubhouse.

“Sweetie will be waiting at the barn with me for when ya’ll are done,” Apple Bloom informed her.

“We’ll see you soon then,” Rainbow replied as she waved them off. The door shut behind them. The master mev waited a moment and looked at Scootaloo. “So, what can I do for you, Little Sister?” she asked.

Scootaloo blushed and gathered her thoughts before starting with, “Sweetie Belle told us about your plans for Nightmare Night.”

“Yeah, it’s really cool, isn’t it?” Rainbow Dash asked with enthusiasm. “My pack’s going to have so much fun. Are you coming to the show? It’s supposed to be scary but hopefully not panic-inducing terror type scary. Thrills!” She grinned.

“I don’t know,” Scootaloo admitted, not sure if it would be the sort of thrills she herself enjoyed. She gulped. “I was wondering if…since you get to use all the magic you want on that night, if – if I could fly too, like how Sweetie Belle might?”

Rainbow blinked and softened into another, smaller smile. “Is that it?”

Scootaloo nodded hopefully.

“Sure!” Rainbow Dash proclaimed with assured joy. “Even if you’re not at the show, being in Ponyville should be close enough. It’ll wear off by sunrise. Mev rules you know.”

“Really? Just like that?” Scootaloo asked. Somehow, she expected a catch, but then, having it only for the night was a catch, wasn’t it?

“Hay yeah, just like that,” Rainbow Dash replied with continued fervor. “I’ve got a night to give you something that means the world to you. Well, I mean, I think…I mean…I haven’t forgotten where we started with this whole ‘flying thing’ idea.”

Scootaloo nodded and replied, “Me neither. But it does mean a lot to me to have one night just like it did for those few minutes.”

“Then you got it, Little Sis,” Rainbow said. “I’ve got the power!” she sang facetiously. Cartoon rock music lit the air as she pretended to play an air guitar.

Scootaloo giggled in heartfelt amusement. Then she swallowed to prepare for another serious question on her mind. “Can I ask you about something else too?”

“Master Rainbow Dash at your service,” Rainbow said with respectful, slight bow of her head. “Ask away.”

“What would you say if I ever asked to be a servant of yours…like you did with Sweetie Belle?” Scootaloo asked with a hesitant tone. She toyed with touching her forehooves together in her contemplation.

“I’d say, ‘Are you really asking me now’?” Rainbow told her with utmost sincerity.

Scootaloo nodded. “It’s not the same offer as Sweetie Belle’s. I’m just curious on what you think about it.”

“I think,” Rainbow said firmly with a light pause, “that I love you very much.”

Scootaloo looked up at Rainbow Dash with a grateful smile.

“And I’m not against the idea…” Rainbow Dash continued.

“Really?” Scootaloo asked and then paused in thought. “But?” she asked with a hint of concern. “I’m sensing there is a ‘but’ to all of this, right?”

Rainbow smiled with two soft and sincere magenta eyes. “But why would you want to be my servant? My fledglings are my friends looking out for me, in part so I don’t go berserk and in part for what a master mev is supposed to actually do with reserving and managing magic. Sweetie Belle’s with me to see the world and learn about magic. And the kid likes vampire stories, go figure. Blitz is a gift from my own mev power. I don’t know what she gets out of it, but she seems happy to receive my love and appreciation for her. If that’s what it is, then awesome.

“Take all of that, think on it, and tell me, what would you get out of it? When Sweetie Belle joined me, I put the point to her and Princess Celestia to me, that I already had six servants in my fledglings. I don’t need anymore.

“Still, Sweetie Belle saw something she could offer in herself to me, and I accepted. She’s a great Rhezenda. I’m very happy to have her with me. If you want to be a servant to this master as well, I want you to find a calling in it. I want you to find something you think you can do for me, and that I can give you in return, something beyond the friendship we already have.”

“And if it’s just so that I can spend more time with you and maybe go on adventures too, is that enough?” Scootaloo asked, still toying with her forehooves while sitting. “It would be a lot like Blitz. I just want to be with you, to feel that love and appreciation. That’s it.”

“I certainly find Blitz enough,” Rainbow Dash told her. “Do you understand the cost of the bond?” she asked. “Rhezenda told you, right?”

The younger pegasus nodded. “Real servitude. I’m yours. I might need a title, and we might have to exchange magic,” Scootaloo looked up at the master mev uneasily.

“Definitely have to exchange magic,” Rainbow confirmed with a steadfast tone. “It requires a mev bond.”

“Is it even possible then?” Scootaloo asked with some worry in her voice. “I don’t have a unicorn horn,” she pointed out, tapping to her forehead with her right forehoof.

“It’s not an issue until you are sure,” Rainbow Dash explained. “And I get the feeling you’re still not sure.”

“You’re right. I’m not,” Scootaloo admitted.

“Don’t forget,” Rainbow said quite seriously, “I am a vampire. You’ve mostly seen me during the day since I transformed. I am different at night. I wear my fangs, and my nocturnivlair is more pronounced. Kids find me scary, and I find I like to scare them. Got it?”

Scootaloo nodded in understanding of that warning. It was part of her hesitance. “Got it.”

“Good. Anything else?” Rainbow asked.

Scootaloo hugged her. “Just this. And maybe…even if I don’t become your servant, we could spend some time together as sisters during the day. It doesn’t have to be right now this afternoon, just…soon, please.”

Rainbow Dash hugged her back with a warm smile. “I’m on it.”


Later that Thursday night, Rarity arrived at Rainbow Dash’s house. Sweetie Belle went to her own room to attend to the trunk though she was happily allowed Blitz’s company as she did.

Rarity herself entered Rainbow’s room, taking interest in the gold crown sitting on a pedestal. “You keep this one here?”

“Yeah,” Rainbow answered. She hovered near and gestured a forelimb at it. “I still haven’t figured out this thing’s name. Strangely, I just know a couple of names it’s not.”

“Oh, do tell,” Rarity replied with interest.

“Well…it’s not ‘Celeste’ named after Princess Celestia, who gave it to me. And it’s not ‘Icarus’ from the story that matches what almost happened to you. Things didn’t really work out for that guy.”

Rarity blushed. “Yes, I am familiar with the tale. It is a little embarrassing how closely I mirrored it.” She paused on reflection. “One is a girl’s name, and another a boy’s.”

“Yeah,” Rainbow stroked the back of her mane. “I’m thinking of having it be gender fluid, assuming that if this thing ever talks or communicates with me, it’s cool with that.”

“It doesn’t do those things already like Amara does?” Rarity asked with concern.

“Amara has an approved name she likes from her guardian,” Rainbow Dash reminded her, landing back on the floor, as the two ponies stood near the pedestal, analyzing the crown. “This one needs more time.”

“Hmm. Perhaps you would like some assistance, Master? That is what we fledglings are here for after all,” Rarity said.

“Sure, you can write up a list when you’ve got time,” Rainbow replied with approval.

“Very well. It shall be done,” Rarity declared. “Now then, I am sure you are hungry.”

“I am,” Rainbow admitted.

Rarity brushed her mane clear from the left side of her neck and closed her eyes, feeling the master mev’s bite. Her fangs grew, and she bit back soon after. This night’s magic felt like a warm, cozy fire. Both mevs knew they could thank their phoenix friends for that.

The third fledgling sank to the floor with a delighted smile. Rainbow Dash happily picked her up and carried her to the bed, spending a few minutes petting the unicorn mare’s long purple mane. “Thank you, Master,” Rarity murmured.

Rainbow smiled warmly at her. With her best deep vampire voice, she said, “It is a pleasure to serve those who serve me.”

Rarity giggled, and Rainbow did too.


Sometime after the flexchange, Rarity was teaching Sweetie Belle more about how to draw. The two sisters sat on their haunches by the drafting table Rainbow had bought the filly her first day as Rhezenda. Rainbow herself was reading or exercising in Blitz’s company elsewhere in the domain.

The younger white unicorn said to her older sister, “Can I ask you something that’s not about the lesson right now?”

“Of course my dear,” Rarity replied. “It’s not like we’re at a real school here, and this is a nice way to spend time with my little sister.”

“Do you have a thing with Master Rainbow Dash?” Sweetie Belle asked.

Rarity blushed and fluttered her eyes. “Whatever do you mean?”

“Like how Twilight talked about requesting Rainbow to grow an alicorn horn. Fluttershy tries to turn into a bat pony. Do you have a thing that you like or ask her to do when it comes to your flexchanges?” Sweetie Belle elaborated.

“That’s awfully personal, Sweetie Belle,” Rarity said sternly.

“I know. I just thought maybe since we’re sisters and with everything since I found out you’re mevs, you might tell me,” Sweetie Belle said with an earnest smile.

Rarity blushed again. “You promise not to laugh?”

Sweetie Belle shook her head, her smile now with an air of mischief. “No.”

Rarity laughed in spite of herself. “Oh very well, but you tell no outsider. Understand?”

Sweetie nodded seriously.

After a slight pause, Rarity admitted, “I like her to pet me.”

“Pet you?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Yes, here. Lie down, prone on the ground,” Rarity instructed.

Sweetie Belle obeyed. The unicorn filly felt the gentle, caring stroke of a hoof over her mane three times over. She found she liked it too.

“Like this,” Rarity said. “She did it our first night together, and I’ve treasured it ever since. It lasts a mere few seconds or a few minutes at most I imagine. It’s always enough. To change it up, she might try it with a wing or even flutter the other wing a bit, so that I can feel a soft breeze.”

Sweetie Belle sat back up on her haunches. “No fair. You made it way too sweet for me to laugh at.”

“Oh, I suppose I should have known a pony with a name like ‘Sweetie Belle’ would understand,” Rarity said happily.

They smiled at each other and continued on with their extended Thursday night time granted by Rarity’s flexchange turn with Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna’s nocturnality magic.