The Master Mev: Chapter 56 – Channeling Pegasus Magic


Late Monday morning, Rarity passed copies of fliers to her Awesomev friends. The group had gathered for a staff meeting at Twilight’s School of Friendship, and it was the perfect opportunity for her current endeavor.

At the top of each given flier was a drawing of Blitz with her head front and center and her mouth partly opened. Below her was a red ribbon and white text that stated, “TEAM AWESOME PRESENTS”. Beneath that header was a slightly smaller one in black bold text that said, “Delightful Frights Upon Nightmare Night.” Under the headings was the place and time of Sweet Apple Acres at 8:00PM. Such a schedule would ensure that Rainbow Dash and Rarity had enough time to conduct their flexchange since the show would take place on a Thursday. It was also a time late enough to lessen chances of ponies that might be too young for even intentional scares.

Finally, the description of their show was the rest in smaller text that said, “Meet Master Rainbow Dash and the other Awesomevs for a night of chills, thrills, and wondrous magic to behold, including a leviathan. Don’t come fearless. Come courageous. We hope you have as much fun as we will.”

Below the description were silhouettes of seven ponies that could easily be determined by mane style with Rainbow in the center. Starlight Glimmer, Fluttershy, and Rarity were obviously the group on the right while Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle were the group to the left.

Rarity addressed the team to explain, “It is best we start advertising the show today if we truly want eager and ready interested ponies to come. Right about now is when everyone in Ponyville starts making their plans, choosing costumes, who they’ll go with, where they go, that sort of thing.

“I can start putting up fliers at the school today. Our students are at the right age to appreciate what we’re trying to do. What do you all think?”

“I think they look lovely,” Fluttershy said with a soft voice and sincere smile.

“It’s making me hyped! Pumped! Ready! I can’t wait!” Pinkie Pie eagerly declared.

“I’ve already seen ’em since we made sure to get the place and time all set with the family,” Applejack said, “and they still look terrific.”

“They do exactly what we need,” Starlight added. She was clearly pleased.

“I like what I see,” Rainbow Dash put forth. Her magenta quietly and proudly lit to red for a moment.

She and Twilight looked at each other with smiles of their own, each giving an approving nod. With that, Twilight stated aloud, “They’re perfect, Rarity. Go ahead with your plan.”

Rarity squealed with pride, and the fliers were soon posted on the walls throughout the school, easily seen by all the students. The students unaware of mevs were indeed curious what the word ‘Awesomev’ even meant though they were all capable of relating the other obvious facts. Given what they knew of their headmare’s powerful magic, they assumed it was Rainbow Dash’s friends helping her put on a show, which was of course, true. This particular teacher was, after all, a renowned performer, even if moreso for her flying feats than anything else.

The Student Six gathered around in Ocellus’ dorm talk in private that very afternoon.

“I guess it fits that the name of Master Rainbow Dash’s pack would be Team Awesome,” Ocellus noted with a smile.

“Blitz really is going to be there,” Smolder remarked. “They’re admitting it outright on the flier.”

“Master Rainbow Dash said she’s going to be very large and very real, so even more scary than the first time we saw her,” Silverstream reminded the others.

“Friends sure she really won’t hurt anyone?” Yona asked.

Ocellus, Gallus, and Silverstream nodded together. They had faith in the master mev.

“Blitz even kind of helped out Spike dealing with his molt,” Smolder pointed out. “I honestly can’t wait to see her again. We’re practically distant cousins.”

The students laughed together at that.

“The rest of us will be there to look out for each other,” Sandbar said to Yona to address her concern.

“And Professor Dash is giving us more than fair warning this time,” Gallus added. “Plus, all of the other teachers and Counselor Glimmer are part of this show. If it’s anything like what we saw on the pirate ship, it should at least be something worth seeing.”

Silverstream gasped. “Maybe we’ll see another song. Can you imagine?”

At that, Yona smiled. “That might be fun.”

“Right,” Ocellus said with another pleased smile. “It’s supposed to be both scary and fun. We can all find out together if that’s something this pack of mevs really can do.”

Rarity’s advertising proved successful with many students now looking forward to the show.


Later that same Monday afternoon, the Cutie Mark Crusaders arrived together by hot air balloon at Rainbow Dash’s cloud house. Sweetie Belle knocked, and the master mev soon opened the door.

“Hi Master Rainbow Dash,” the trio greeted together.

Rainbow bowed her head politely. “Greetings, Crusaders. Won’t you come in?”

The fillies did just that, and then Scootaloo and Apple Bloom breathed sighs of relief.

To that, Rainbow Dash raised an intrigued eyebrow.

“They thought the inside might be some kind of evil villain lair,” Sweetie Belle admitted with slight embarrassment.

“The sun hasn’t set yet, girls,” Rainbow Dash told them. “And even then, it just feels different. It all looks the same. If you’re worried about running into Blitz, I prefer her around at night. If she’s around during the day, it’s to help me out with my work as a master mev.”

“Yeah, I guess that matches what Sweetie Belle told us,” Scootaloo admitted, “but you know…it’s our first time since you transformed. We are here for something having to do with you being a master mev too.”

“I suppose you have a point,” Rainbow agreed.

As they entered further into the house, Scootaloo saw a cloud standing ready and hovering above the floor. “Is that what we’re going to use?”

“Part of it, yup,” Rainbow said. “Pegasus magic is generally regarded as ‘passive,’ in comparison to unicorn magic since it’s not channeled out through a horn. But it does have some evident activity channeled through our overall body with the air. In turn, it is most active when we fly and when we work with the weather, even something as simple as sitting on a cloud. Did you bring anything?”

Scootaloo nodded and turned to Sweetie Belle. The Rhezenda magically retrieved a helmet to pass to the younger pegasus.

“This is my helmet from the camping trip when you agreed to be like a big sister to me,” Scootaloo explained.

“I like your choice,” Rainbow replied with a smile. “Rhezenda, go get the crown and pedestal,” she commanded.

Sweetie Belle nodded and left momentarily before bringing back the desired objects. She carried both easily with her magic.

“So, how are ya’ll going to get this done?” Apple Bloom asked. “Even as a unicorn, Sweetie Belle needed Rarity’s help to channel her magic. They’re blood related, and no offense Master, but you’re not related by blood to Scootaloo.”

“You’re right, I’m not. We do, however, have a sisterly bond, even if it’s not by blood. Plus, I am the Master. It will be enough. We’ll just get started on doing it since this will take awhile. You’ll see.” Rainbow Dash picked Scootaloo up and set her on the cloud. The filly instinctively positioned herself to sit. “You’re going to need to stay put here for quite some time, Little Sister, though we’ll be done before sunset. Hold onto the helmet in your forelimbs too.”

Scootaloo obeyed.

Rainbow Dash and Sweetie Belle briefly worked out where the pedestal and crown should be. After that, the master mev fluttered up to sit beside Scootaloo’s left and embracing the younger pegasus with a right wing. “Now, you just think about us and what we’re trying to do here, what’s driving you,” Rainbow instructed her.

Scootaloo closed her eyes to start playing out the memories. They included when she first started looking up to Rainbow Dash, offering her to be Rainbow’s assistant when they all went to watch a meteor shower. Even more went on in her head to searching for Rainbow’s cutie mark story, to presiding over the Rainbow Dash fan club, and at last to the memory of telling Rainbow outright she wanted to be like sisters.

Apple Bloom’s voice called out, “You’re doing it Scootaloo.”

Scootaloo opened her eyes and saw a tiny stream of white magic emitting from the cloud, pointed in the direction of the crown and not yet reaching.

“Good,” the master mev said with firm approval. “You’ve made the first big step. Weave in and out of the memories and your reasoning. It doesn’t need to be constant. We’re pegasi, not unicorns. We weave in and out of our type of magic. We do have to stay on the cloud though. You can chat with your friends while we’re here. They are part of our friendship bond together.

“I’m estimating this will take at least half an hour.”

“Oh so that’s how,” Apple Bloom said and looked up with a smile. “How would it work with an earth pony like me?” Her tail flicked back and forth with her curiosity.

“Specifically you?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Master might bring in Applejack.”

“Then you’d have to stand somewhere on the ground I’m guessing,” Scootaloo theorized.

“Maybe you’d have to have a physical object too,” Sweetie Belle continued. “If not something between you and Master, then something between her and Applejack.”

“What if it weren’t me? Just some random earth pony,” Apple Bloom prodded.

“Apple Bloom, Master wouldn’t take just some random earth pony,” Sweetie Belle said with authority before glancing over to Rainbow Dash. “Would you?”

“You are correct Rhezenda. I would not,” the master mev assured her.

“Right, right. Sweetie Belle said they’d probably have to at least be friends with you. Is that true as well?” Apple Bloom prodded further.

“At the very least,” Rainbow Dash agreed.

“Besides me, who would you accept?” Apple Bloom wondered.

Scootaloo didn’t mind Apple Bloom and Rainbow Dash talking since it let her think about times spent with both of them, such as another camping trip where all the older sisters told stories of their favorite legends.

“Who said I would accept you?” Rainbow teased with a playful grin.

“You know what I mean,” Apple Bloom insisted.

“Your question has no simple answer,” Rainbow informed her. “It matters why they want to serve me, what they want out of it, and the friendship bond we might already have.

“Once I understand that, I can determine if I accept. I am a master, so servants do sound rather nice.

“Still, I have to think about myself, my pack, my clients, and…you get the idea. Even right now with Scootaloo, it’s going to be a little difficult since she actually is my client already. That’s not gonna change,” Rainbow said.

“Yeah, I guess I get that,” Apple Bloom noted in agreement. “The stream’s coming along a little more,” she observed. Indeed, it had inched out even further.

Scootaloo smiled at the sight.

“Did Rarity get to post the fliers for Nightmare Night at the school?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“She sure did. We all thought she did a great job,” Rainbow Dash answered.

“Have you chosen Sweetie Belle’s form yet?” Apple Bloom wanted to know.

“I’m leaning toward pegasus filly,” Rainbow Dash admitted. “That will be enough to catch our audience off guard for a cool surprise without as much shock that an alicorn or grown unicorn form might. It will pass for some very clever magic from my unicorn and draconequis friends as an interesting illusion. Which it kinda is.

“After all, a unicorn spell exists to let other ponies stand on clouds like pegasi and another to give butterfly wings. Are you coming to the show?”

“Oh definitely,” Apple Bloom confirmed with a nod. “It’s at the farm after all. The family’s letting me stay up to see it.”

“What about you Scootaloo?” Sweetie Belle asked. “Have you decided yet?”

“Actually,” Scootaloo replied, “Master Rainbow Dash, I was wondering if I could add something to my flying request for that night.”