The Master Mev: Chapter 66 – Meeting In Between


Team Awesome gathered for their weekly pack meeting on Tuesday before Nightmare Night. Morale was high from the events of Saturday in the Dragonlands and with the upcoming Nightmare Night show.

“Alright, let’s get started,” Rainbow Dash announced. “Everyone here, even those of you not mevs, was there on Saturday, but we will mention it at least soon. Before we get to that, I will tell everyone what happened before our gifts. The former Dragon Lord, Torch, said to receive dragon magic was going to be more than I just ask to eat it, and they give it to me.”

“Oh, so how did you get it then?” Fluttershy wished to know.

“Everyone who wasn’t there, I need you to stay calm. Got it?” Rainbow said.

They nodded, except Discord, who squinted in anticipation. He sat perched on a magic-made tree as usual.

Rainbow caught the look he was giving her. “I mean it,” she told him sternly.

He nodded with a stern expression of his own but turned his tree into a throne to sit between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

“To get to the dragon magic, they told me it would work as a game. A game!” she emphasized. “Rarity ate the magic from the Bloodstone Scepter, and I ate it from her. That particular object and its magic intentionally triggered a berserk.”

The group unaware of this news gasped. Discord’s jaw dropped with the bottom of his chin landing on the nearby table, leaving him speechless.

“It was a short berserk,” Rainbow Dash explained further. “Fourteen minutes because we have a full pack. It gave two minutes per each member. The older dragons knew the risk and willingly joined the game. We took this chance to learn more about a berserk as well. For instance, we learned that objects that can cause a berserk on me can only do so once.”

Discord’s jaw lifted, and he recomposed himself to a calmer state. He cleared his throat with a professional air and inquired, “And just what else did you learn?”

Twilight Sparkle relayed the information the team discussed while Rainbow Dash was asleep.

Discord stroked his beard as if to nod in approval when all was said and done.

“The things we do with this information can’t be said in front of Master,” Twilight informed him.

“Of course,” he agreed.

“It is concerning about the fact that we now know actual objects can cause a berserk,” Starlight Glimmer noted.

“It can’t be that many,” Twilight said.

“I agree,” Rainbow told them. “Of all the magic objects we’ve encountered since you moved to Ponyville, I can only think of one that might cause a berserk.”

Everyone stared at her in a horrified silence.

“And what object would that be, Master?” Starlight eventually inquired.

Rainbow Dash looked at all of them looking at her, as if surprised they didn’t think of it themselves. “The Alicorn Amulet,” she said.

They waited without speaking for her to explain more.

The master mev took her cue. “It turned Trixie’s magic aura red like mine is. Her eyes turned the same red as my vampire red eyes when she cast magic wearing it. It corrupted her. It can’t corrupt me the same way as a pony who wears it, but a berserk from eating its magic doesn’t seem far-fetched for an alternative.”

“What should we do?” asked a worried Fluttershy.

“Twilight, you’re still keeping it safe, right?” Rainbow asked.

Twilight nodded.

“Is there a way to destroy it or something?” Applejack asked everyone.

Discord answered before both Twilight and Starlight could. “The problem with that is how easily that can make things worse. The magic could find another host if you tried to break it apart physically whereas the berserk would only happen the one time.

“You could send the amulet to limbo or another dimension, but you run the risk of other unknowns or creatures finding it. We all know you retrieved the Pillars from limbo and that the sirens wreaked havoc in that other dimension.

“As risky as it is, it is still safest keep it here and in Twilight’s care. To be honest, I’d suggest you do nothing else. Master won’t try eating from it, will you?”

“Discord, if I ever find out I need to eat from it to do my job, I will,” Rainbow told him. “I don’t see how unless I actually need to trigger a berserk immediately for some reason or find out my guess is wrong. But to address your main concern, I won’t eat magic from it unless I feel I have a really, really good reason.”

“I suppose that will have to suffice,” the draconequis conceded. He couldn’t fathom a scenario where Rainbow Dash would feel it necessary himself.

The Primeva and Rexa of the pack looked at each other and nodded. “We think that is best as well,” Starlight informed the group.

The others accepted the advice from the magic experts at the table.

“Moving on,” Rainbow Dash noted, “we made a similar copy of the scepter that we did with the Crystal Heart. Rhezenda,” she addressed Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle pulled out the case from her saddlebag and placed it on the table.

“Everyone, this is Jasper, as named by Dragon Lord Ember. This one does not have a gender, so we are to use the words ‘it’ and ‘they’ when referring to it,” Rainbow explained.

“And Jasper is what gave Rarity earth,” Pinkie said with a proud smile. “Right?”

“Right,” Rarity said happily. “I was able to show you all what I could do with it on Sunday, and I know I’ll have more to work with since Nightmare Night is on my own flexchange night this Thursday.”

“And of course you all saw my lightning since we were all there,” Rainbow Dash boasted with a smile.

The fledglings all cheered and clapped their hooves.

“Master,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Yes, Rhezenda?” Rainbow asked.

“Who or what is the lightning gift actually from?” the filly wished to know. “Penny is from the mirror pool. Applejack’s fire is from Amara and Spike. Starlight’s darkness is from the Abysmal Abyss. Twilight’s light is from the Staff of Sacanas. Fluttershy’s wind is from the idol of Boreas. Rarity’s earth is from Jasper and the rocks in the earth in the Dragonlands. Is your lightning from the sky of the Dragonlands?”

“Not exactly,” Rainbow answered her. “More like the sky was the transmitter. I could not get it until every fledgling had a natural element power. The sky of the Dragonlands sent the bolts into me that lit up the glows in the others. Then they sent the rainbow in to make the gift whole.

“If you want to name a single source, it’s the same one it’s always been. The source of my power altogether, the land of this world. It just wanted the magical process of everything that happened before, which makes sense. That day felt as special as it did because of what we all did together as mevs and friends- as Team Awesome.”

The other mevs smiled sweetly at that.

“And maybe it’s not every element at once, but lightning has some cool properties that link it to nearly every one of the natural elements we’ve been given in some way. It shoots from the sky and into the ground, connecting it to the earth that way.”

“On more rare occasions, it can go from the ground up too – in zones not managed by pegasi,” Twilight Sparkle added.

“Nice,” Rainbow replied. She smiled and continued, “It is light against the dark in a storm or at night. It can cause fire. Since it usually shoots out from clouds, it connects to water that way. You can’t really connect it with wind, but it has a link to all the others in some fashion.”

“I suppose if you want to link it to wind,” Spike offered, “lightning tends to happen during storms where it might be windy, so the wind touches it that way.”

“That’s kind of stretching it, but noted anyway,” Rainbow said with another smile and gestured at him, then looking to Sweetie Belle.

“Oh neat,” Sweetie Belle said as she noted that down.

“Up next is Nightmare Night, but we have most of what we need ready,” Rainbow announced.

“We could just rehearse the song at least,” Pinkie Pie suggested.

They agreed and did exactly that with Discord’s willing help to make a similar stage as they planned.

Once their rehearsal was done and other last minute notes and preparations made, that was considered the end of their Nightmare Night discussion for the meeting. They were ready for the next part.

“Down the line we go,” Rainbow Dash said. “Primeva, number one.”

“Nothing new to report here,” Starlight told everyone.

“Segunda, number two.”

“We’re still pretty sure I’ll have my full bat pony form, no chaos magic necessary, tomorrow night,” Fluttershy offered with a smile. “The roc recovered on Friday, as expected, and returned to his full self before leaving my care. That’s all from me.”

“Mitria, number three.”

“We discussed it all through our talk of the Dragonlands. We’ve been so busy with Nightmare Night and such, your crown’s name is still pending. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten. Nothing else from me to report this week,” Rarity said.

“No rush, and I look forward to it,” Rainbow replied. “Fyra, number four.”

“I was there at the Dragonlands, but the only thing remotely resembling news is that I do think Apple Bloom is considering offering her servitude for Master once she finds the right calling,” Applejack said.

“Oh, is that why she helped out the way she did on Sunday?” Starlight Glimmer wondered. “Testing the waters to see if that’s it?”

“My sister just likes to help ponies and spend time with her friends period,” Applejack said. “So I can’t say if it was that. I mean, she’s made it no secret to you, Master, that she’s tempted.”

“Right,” Rainbow agreed.

“Will you accept?” Fluttershy asked.

“Very likely, but it is important to me that Apple Bloom know what she wants out of such a mev bond, even if it is as simple as wanting to be with her friends more and specific to the work of Team Awesome,” Rainbow answered her. “Scootaloo’s was as simple as wanting to spend more time with me, and it’s worked out great for our first mission where she was my bodyguard. Apple Bloom may even choose the same role. I joked with them that they would be like my Secret Service that way.”

The others laughed.

“Nothing else to report from me,” Applejack concluded.

“Quintaza and Pentaza, number five.”

Pinkie Pie whistled out her water-based assistant.

“Hello everyone,” Penny greeted the others with a bow. “If I may be so bold, Master, I was hoping I could see a replay of what I missed for your lightning power,” she requested.

“I’m happy to oblige,” Rainbow Dash told her and used her magic to project the memory on the table.

“Wow!” Penny’s eyes sparkled with a huge smile. “Thankies!” she declared. Satisfied, she bade the group farewell and returned into the reserve.

“That covers my part of things,” Pinkie Pie said.

“Rexa, number six.”

“Like Pinkie Pie, we covered everything I would wish to discuss from Nightmare Night. I’ll go ahead and remind everyone that Cadance will be here on Thursday. Shining Armor has decided to wait and simply bring Flurry Heart with him on Friday. We should bring Amara here to visit with them, maybe even liven her up to speak to Cadance if our mev magic considers it worthwhile enough to cast,” Twilight said. “You should be the one to cast it if we do,” she told the master mev.

Rainbow Dash nodded.

“That’s all from me,” Twilight told everyone.

“Your turn, Master,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Very well. I showed Grant to Gallus and allowed Gallus to have his friends there. I gave them extremely strict instructions that it was a secret. Yona and Sandbar were not present, but they were no doubt informed,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Is it dangerous to tell so many?” Fluttershy timidly asked.

“It can be, but I think it’s a risk worth taking. It will strengthen their own group’s friendship bonds,” Rainbow explained.

“Oh, okay,” the canary-colored pegasus smiled at that.

“You all saw my lightning, but believe it or not, I got another gift from our time at the Dragonlands,” Rainbow Dash announced.

“Really?” asked an interested Rarity. “Do tell us, Master,” she nearly squealed.

“Yeah, tell us!” Pinkie urged.

“I will show you,” Rainbow offered. She lifted into the air from her throne transformed into her dragon form on the spot.

“A dragon form?” asked a pleased and fascinated Starlight.

“I can show it to you all because we’re at a pack meeting, but it’s not something I can do whenever. Monday nights only for now, and special times like this with all of you,” the master mev explained. “I am assuming it is my prize for winning the Challenge the Master game.”

“Did it hurt to get?” Fluttershy asked in concern.

“It did,” Rainbow admitted, “but I had Blitz, Tank, and actually all three Crusaders with me to support me while it happened yesterday.”

“Oh, that’s a relief,” Applejack said. “My little sister being there and helping you out still,” she added with a smile.

“Yes, she was,” Rainbow said and returned to her fanged pegasus form. She descended back into her seat. “This weekend, I will be here to help host Princess Cadance and rest up from Nightmare Night on Saturday. Fluttershy, are you free Sunday?”

“Yes, Master,” Fluttershy said, suspecting she knew why.

Rainbow Dash took a deep breath. “Sunday, I want to visit Tirek in Tartarus,” she announced to everyone else.

Discord spoke before the rest. “Are you sure?”

“It’s an instinct I can’t ignore. I’m ready to announce the change in myself to him. I assume I am ready because we have our natural elements, and Nightmare Night will have passed,” she explained.

The draconequis stroked his beard in thought and cleared his throat. “I want to go with you, Master, out of both curiosity and to provide protection given that he is dangerous. Even if he can’t eat your magic, he can have a way with words as he did with me.”

“I might have to protect you instead,” Rainbow reminded him.

“We are friends. That’s what we do,” he reminded her back with a playful smile.

“Very well. You may join us. Primeva, I want you to come too,” Rainbow said. “I will not have Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo with me for this visit. I think Tartarus is not a proper place for them even with magical adult forms and mev bonds.”

“I can and will be with you,” Starlight assured her.

“Twilight,” Rainbow said.

The alicorn princess nodded. “I will get with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna to make the necessary arrangements.”

“Do be careful Master,” Applejack said worriedly. “I know you got protection, but it’s not like I’ve ever actually seen anyone or anything try to drain your magic since we all transformed.”

“Of course she’ll be careful,” Fluttershy said. “That’s why she’s having friends go with her.”

“Right,” Applejack said with a hopeful smile.

“Anything else Rhezenda?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“No. We didn’t do anything for Project Mercury except to show the idol of Boreas to Gallus,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Oh, something else I should tell you all about that little meeting,” Rainbow realized. “The idol lit up on the sphere when Gallus addressed it as ‘Grant’ to indicate Grant heard Gallus.”

“That’s amazing!” said a very interested Twilight Sparkle.

“Before we end this meeting,” Starlight said, “I was wondering Master if our magic is willing to let us be bat ponies for a brief amount of time like last week?”

“All in favor?” the master mev asked with a sly smile.

Every Awesomev fledgling smiled and raised their right forelimb. “Aye!” they all said.

Rainbow’s eyes turned to their red-on-yellow, and she transformed the fledglings into bat ponies instantly. They enjoyed flying about the room with their altered forms for two minutes.

“That’s enough,” the master told them so as to not accidentally drop anypony mid-flight.

The fledglings returned to their seats and were transformed back into their usual pony forms.

“Awesomevs dismissed. Lessons up next for me,” Rainbow Dash said.

With that, most of the others left. The lessons were mostly practice to make sure Rainbow understood everything she would need to do for her part in the show on Nightmare Night.