The Master Mev: Chapter 67 – The Night Before Nightmare Night


“Oh, I’m so super excited for tomorrow!” Pinkie Pie hopped up and down in place. Every mev was gathered in the staff room for the school though they were sparing a few moments to talk of their upcoming show. “Look! Look everymev!”

The enthusiastic pink earth pony blew several bubbles out of her mouth, commanding them to close in a circle around her head, before widening larger, and eventually popping away.

The others laughed in amusement.

“What a cute little trick,” Rarity noted.

“I get to really call on water that isn’t just Penny. A Nightmare Night bonus and extra confirmation that I am indeed the Fledgling of Water.” Pinkie folded her forelimbs and gave a knowing nod at her conclusion.

“Oh how wonderful!” Rarity clapped her hooves together in delight, soon calling forth some of her own earth power to toy with it.

The other mevs followed suit.

“I’m betting this here lasts us until the end of Friday,” Applejack told the others. No mev disagreed.

“This will give each of us enough time to rehearse the part we’ve been doing with Master’s and Discord’s help,” Starlight suggested to them.

“I think that’s an excellent idea,” Twilight replied.

The afternoon was spent at Sweet Apple Acres to finalize such matters.


Later, when it finally was the night before Nightmare Night, Fluttershy contentedly glided into the open door of Rainbow Dash’s cloud house. She found her master sitting on her haunches on the couch in pegasus form instead of with her usual bat wings for a flexchange. The canary-colored pegasus looked at Rainbow with quiet curiosity.

The master mev smiled at her and went on to explain, “I have some ideas on how to make this night special for you. Waiting to take on a bat form seemed like a nice little touch for the start.”

At that, Fluttershy blushed. “I appreciate that, Master. What are your other ideas?”

Rainbow blushed back, but she answered, “Dance a waltz with me. When we are done, that is when I will bite you.” She smiled enough to show her fangs. “I’ve seen it in films.”

Fluttershy giggled. “I’ve seen it too. Do you have…proper attire? I do say you would making a dashing vampire in a suit.” She winked.

Still blushing, Rainbow Dash nodded. “Mitria was kind enough to arrange that for me.”

Her magenta eyes shimmered to red, casting a basic unicorn spell for clothing she had learned, and Fluttershy soon found herself in a familiar black dress from a past Nightmare Night. It was definitely suitable for a vampire, she silently agreed.

As for Rainbow Dash, she wore a black suit, white-collar shirt, red tie, and red cufflinks. Fluttershy could easily picture Rainbow’s fitting time at Carousel Boutique while Rarity tried to get the outfit just so.

The second fledgling was very pleased with the outcome. She noticed Rainbow’s eyes remained red to match the chosen suit. “I like it very much. How about…you bring out your bat wings now. I won’t mind. It will feel like a proper transformation, Master.”

“As you wish,” Rainbow replied with a fanged grin. Her wings transformed immediately. She reached over to the side of her couch to pull out a ready record player. She carried it to the open foyer of her home that offered enough space for the dance.

At last, the two mevs felt ready, and Rainbow turned on the music. They danced with their hooves following one line, then another, halting, and spinning as they knew appropriate. The song concluded, and Rainbow dipped Fluttershy with her head flung low and back, exposing her neck. The master vampire leaned forward and bit in as the two gently dropped to the floor.

Upon Fluttershy’s turn to bite back, she rolled them over to switch positions and sunk her teeth in. Her wings spread wide and became their bat form as she lifted her head to display the transformation. Her turquoise eyes turned a pinkish red. Her fangs simply remained. She let her ears become more batty. Feeling the time was right, she bent down and kissed Rainbow Dash on the lips.

Rainbow rolled them over to change positions yet again. They kissed at each other’s necks a little longer until Rainbow stood upright and offered a hoof to help Fluttershy stand as well. “You look beautiful this night, Segunda Fluttershy,” the master told her fledgling.

The bat pony Fluttershy in a black dress blushed with a small, bashful smile. “Thank you, Master. You look rather ‘dashing’ yourself, as I knew you would.”

Rainbow blushed as well and stroked the back of her multi-colored mane. “Thank you, my…” she paused and finally said it, “love.” Her still red eyes darted over as she carefully watched Fluttershy’s reaction.

Fluttershy only smiled sweetly with a subtle blush. “You must say that to all the girls,” she teased.

Rainbow chuckled. “I just might in due time. I love you all so much. The master takes care of her fledglings after all.”

Fluttershy put a hoof up to Rainbow’s chin for a tiny lift, maintaining her sweet smile. “Indeed. This fledgling is very happy tonight.” She put the hoof back down to touch the floor.

“Then your master is most pleased as well. Did this power complete as expected for you?” Rainbow asked.

Fluttershy nodded and showed how easily she could transform between pegasus and bat pony a couple of times.

Not long after, the two removed their dancing clothes. As always, they enjoyed each other’s company for a short time after the flexchange but did not intend to spend all night together. Each had more they wished to do before the sun rose.

“I can escort you home,” Rainbow offered. “We’ll fly together with our bat wings!”

“Oh, that sounds lovely,” Fluttershy said, fluttering up in place. She was more than happy to approve yet another idea to make her night special.

Soon after, the two mevs glided out from the house and felt the crisp night air through their wings. They enjoyed the starry backdrop together.

When they reached Fluttershy’s cottage, they gave each other yet another small kiss. Fluttershy’s animal friends had been around for her practice sessions and explanations, so they knew to expect a bat pony to return home this particular night.

“Good night, Segunda,” Rainbow said.

“Good night, Master,” Fluttershy replied.

As she lifted back into the air, Rainbow Dash soon reverted to a fanged pegasus with magenta eyes. She flew home to grab a saddlebag and placed the idol of Boreas inside it. She chose not to bring any of the other items from the students’ homelands, given they were supposed to be under her protection and not widely known to be in her possession. Ember might have told Smolder through some means about the events of Saturday, but Rainbow could not assume that to be the case. With that, the master mev flew to the school, sensing the students hoped they would see her before the actual show the following night. It was a good idea, after all, to prepare them for what to expect beyond what was listed on the fliers Rarity made.


Rainbow Dash was not alone in the school gym for long, as all six of the known student group appeared.

Ocellus stood in front of the others smiling. She politely bowed and said, “Master Rainbow Dash.”

The other students merely bowed without saying the title.

“Kingdom Sixers,” Rainbow said with a smile, bowing in mid-air.

The students looked at each other a little puzzled and then chuckled.

“Is that your name for our group?” Silverstream asked.

“It is,” Rainbow confirmed, “unless you have a name I don’t know about.”

“We usually just go by Student Six,” Gallus admitted, scratching at his head. “But then, that could mean any six students I guess,” he conceded.

“I will use it if that is your preference nonetheless,” the master mev offered.

The students nodded.

“We know it’s kind of generic,” Smolder said, “but it’s what we like.”

“Student Six it is then,” Rainbow declared.

She swooped over to her saddlebag and pulled out the idol of Boreas.

“Grant!” Gallus exclaimed and flew to follow her, so he could see and touch the object of interest.

Gallus’ friends followed more slowly, giving room to Yona and Sandbar especially since they had not seen the idol yet. Grant gave an obligatory glow to show his connection to the young griffon. The students chattered briefly before Gallus passed the idol back to Rainbow Dash.

“Have you figured out yet if we can touch it the way Gallus does?” Ocellus asked.

“Well,” Rainbow considered. “What do you think?” she asked Gallus.

Gallus innocently pointed at himself. “Why me?” he wondered.

“You’re the closest griffon I’ve got to asking permission,” she explained.

“Oh,” he realized. “Sure,” he approved with a casual shrug.

“Be more sure than that,” Rainbow instructed him. “We’re dealing with a magical item here.”

Gallus blushed and scratched at the back of his head. He took a deep breath. “Yes, I approve,” he noted more firmly with an air of authority.

Each student took a turn of touching the idol as Gallus did. They sensed no connection but no rejection either, which the master mev told them was a good sign.

At last, Rainbow put the object away.

Smolder saw that as her cue. “How did your trip to the Dragonlands go, Master Rainbow Dash?”

“Awesome,” Rainbow answered plainly.

“Can Master Dash not tell us more?” Yona wondered.

Rainbow sighed. “I suppose if you have the book, it’s no secret that I can go berserk.”

The students glanced at each other and looked at her. They gave small, solemn nods.

“And you went berserk in the Dragonlands?” Smolder asked to be sure.

“Not for an entire night. It was only short enough to play a game with the bigger dragons,” Rainbow told her.

Smolder lifted from the ground and hovered in place with her flapping orange wings in excitement. “You played with my elders? Really? Who won? How did the game work?”

“I will not tell you the trigger, but I will tell you everything about the game after that point,” the mev offered. She went on to explain the rules, that she was imprisoned for the first part, that she had temporary super strength, and that she could still think well enough to pursue her desired food. She explained how she won by biting every adult dragon participant and about the young dragons’ encounter with the fear snare the Student Six themselves had experienced.

The young students enjoyed the tale. They were familiar enough with their professors’ flair for story-telling of her exploits during class.

Once all was said and done, Smolder asked further, “What else happened?”

“That you can tell us,” she quickly added.

At that Rainbow Dash smiled mischievously. Her eyes shimmered red, and the students were surprised to see a very large bubble of silence cast inside the gym. Ocellus explained to the others what it was.

“What’s it for? Are we about to get really loud?” Silverstream wondered.

“Loud enough to warrant one,” Rainbow warned her. The devilish smirk remained.

They waited with anticipation and saw the master mev open her mouth. To their, surprise, they heard thunder and at a safe distance, they saw the seven lightning bolts shoot down from the gym’s ceiling and harmlessly land to not strike at anyone or anything. It still gave the group a collective jolt.

“Whoa!” Silverstream yelped.

Yona, Ocellus, and Gallus screamed.

“I got that,” Rainbow told Smolder with a proud smile.

“From the Dragonlands? How?” Smolder prodded.

Rainbow Dash shook her head. “That story is too long and too much to tell. You’ll see it at the show tomorrow night, provided you are going. I will be aiming closer to where you are.” She winked at them. “I promise it won’t actually strike you though.”

“That seem scary,” Yona muttered and shuddered in place.

“We can handle it,” Sandbar assured her, placing a comforting hoof to her backside.

“Maybe we could practice now since the silence bubble’s still on,” Gallus suggested.

The others, except for Yona, nodded. The young yak shook her head. “No. No. No.”

“We’ll all be right here with you, Yona,” Ocellus encouraged her.

“I’ll stand right next to you,” Sandbar offered, continuing to comfort her.

That was enough, and Yona conceded to try it with her friends.

“I’ve got an idea,” the master mev told them all. “I’ll ensnare each of you, just long enough to let the thrill pass.”

“I dare you to try,” Silverstream declared proudly.

The others laughed, and Yona gave a consenting nod based on what Gallus, Ocellus, and Silverstream told her about the night they let Rainbow Dash play with them.

The master mev and the students successfully practiced together. Silverstream found the bolts striking close enough that she could not so easily escape a snare as she did two weeks ago. Yona was still the most nervous of them all, but she found herself enjoying the time with her friends all the same.

After that was over, Rainbow Dash felt the time was near to tell them they needed to get back to sleep. Smolder sensed it and whispered over to Yona and Sandbar, who nodded.

“Can we see Blitz as big as you can allow here before we go?” Smolder asked Rainbow Dash.

The master mev nodded and summoned her pet. The students trembled at the sight, frozen in fear. Blitz gave a playful bite in their direction like she could easily eat them all up, and they took a collective breath of relief that she could not do any such thing in her standard ghostly form.

“How about the solid form?” Smolder asked.

“Not happening,” Rainbow refused her firmly with a shake of her head. “It’s a special, rare thing to do in front of outsiders, and I intend to keep it that way. That part will have to wait for tomorrow night. Plus, I can’t give the entire show away to you all.”

With that all said and done, the mev instructed the students it was time for them to take their leave. They yawned at the reminder that it was indeed getting late enough that sleep was a proper thing to do, and they bid their farewell to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow herself considered sleep a good option with so much planned for all of Thursday night, so she went home to bed as well.