The Dark Knight Rises Review

I’m relatively neutral on Batman as a character and generally exhausted of superhero movies, but my hubby picked it up for himself, and I figured I could at least take the necessary time to watch from the comfort of my own home. Minimal effort on my part after all.

Here’s my thoughts:

Bane’s voice was theatrically comical.

The 2 hour 44 minute length is in in no way justified by the content presented in the movie. It did not leave me feeling that every scene and every line shown HAD to be there to grasp the movie. It just…dragged.

The movie takes itself way too seriously.

I was more annoyed than sympathetic with Alfred.

It felt like more of a showcase for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character than a Batman movie though I admittedly did at least like his character.

The ending left me feeling a lot better than the rest of the movie.

Wreck-It-Ralph Review

Another movie I saw this past weekend and more up my alley than Cloud Atlas was Wreck-It-Ralph. I don’t think this review is particularly spoiler-heavy but some more sensitive to them than others, so here’s a warning link just in case.


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Star Wars and Disney

The gist of news I earlier digested today is the following:

Disney has bought LucasArts for $4.05 billion dollars. There will be a Star Wars episode 7 movie aimed for a 2015 release with further releases of Star Wars movies every 2-3 years. I’m under the impression this is to cover 7, 8, and 9.

Wow. I was really surprised by this big news. It feels like Disney’s slowly grabbing the whole entertainment industry. Now they have Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.

I’ve only glanced here or there on Tumblr and the NeoGAF forums so some of the pessimistic outlook has caught me off guard, given how Disney has left the likes of Pixar and Marvel to their own devices. Some people seem to have some pre-conceived notions about Disney. I’ve been rather pleased with them (Disney) myself. And by that, I mean I liked Tangled and The Princess and the Frog. Ever since Finding Nemo, I’ve had the utmost respect for Pixar, always making it a point to see the latest release with the exception of Cars 2. As for Marvel, well I’m a little burnt out on superhero movies, but I still have a quite an appreciation for The Avengers movie, and I don’t resent Marvel for catering to their market.

I’m not that into Star Wars, but I have some appreciation for it. I enjoyed episodes 4-6 and tagged along for 1-3. Although many will always resent Episode 1, I actually have quite a distaste for the contrived romance in Episode 2. I watched the 2D Clone Wars cartoon with my husband (then boyfriend) between…2 and 3? I think that’s what it was. I don’t read the books nor watch the current 3D animated show. Maybe I’ll tag along once again for episode 7, maybe I won’t. To my amusement, I’ve seen complaints about the saga having already been wrapped up, but so far as I have known, there’s always been a 7-9 saga in concept at least, if it’s not already in a book somewhere.

Only time will tell, but my own feelings on the whole matter border on neutral to slightly optimistic.