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This page will appear to have some redundancy for awhile because I will be posting both here and on Tumblr. Currently, I use a plugin that shows the last 10 posts of my Tumblr, but I plan on instead making posts both here and on Tumblr. While redundant, it will mean that posts made on the WordPress blog will stay there and be searchable. Plus, I may eventually make posts here that don’t end up on Tumblr.

Once I’ve organized them thoroughly enough, I will remove the Tumblr feed below and be managing both in their respective places unless I can find a plugin that pushes WordPress posts over into Tumblr. Last I looked, and it was pretty recent, such a thing is only available if you’re hosted by and not your own domain. There had also been an a plugin that did it but was abandoned and given up on. I’ll keep an eye out and search again in the near future.

TTT2 Endings – Group 04

Last batch…well, for endings that is.




P. Jack


Roger Jr.






Turns out this laptop has MS Office Starter 2010, so I do have access to charts, they’re just different. How about that? I would rather have the gradient reversed, but there was no obvious way to do that.

Anyway, here it is, most of the endings in one spot with time length comparisons. Wang had the longest run time and Bruce had the shortest. There are two characters purposely excluded due to my own opinion of them and of course none of the pre-order characters because that was a load of BS that I didn’t bother with (heck, I didn’t even buy the game, hubby did).

As before, if you’re seeing this through a Tumblr dashboard, upper right to go to the post, then click on image below to see the full size. You won’t be able to see much in the thumbnail.

My Political Compass

Me: The left, though how far over is a little surprising in light of the test, I understand, but…Libertarian?!

Then I remember libertarian as used here doesn’t necessarily equal American Libertarian party in tests like these.

I couldn’t pick neutral or “agree/disagree in some cases” as options.

I think about politics and read about politics, at least lately, but I avoid broadcasting my own as they are QUITE different than many friends and family (who are more on my personal Facebook account (not my FB fanpage)) than all the other places my Tumblr is broadcast.

This is just a chart without specifics too so hopefully okay.

Tag 2 Endings Group 02

Tonight’s batch of uploads for TTT2 ending movies.









Forest Law


These have been added to my chart tracking the lengths. Bruce is now the shortest, followed by Devil Jin and Jin. The longest have switched from the likes of Asuka and Alisa to characters that hadn’t been in the series for a long time: Forest Law and Combot.

If you’re seeing this post through your Tumblr dashboard, you can click on the upper right corner to get the post, then click on the graph below to see it in full size.

UPDATE: This post originally didn’t have Bruce’s ending length in the chart along with some different wording in accordance with that. I fixed it rather quickly.

Yami No Matsuei Macros and GIF

I won’t always be noting the updates I make to the gallery, but I think a few people do check it regularly. In any case, today, I made a couple of macros and a gif. I’m very pleased with the gif, turned out nice and happy and cute, just like I wanted.

More T6SC Pages Added

More Scenario Campaign pages with Devil Jin, this time for Leo, Ganryu, Raven, Heihachi, Bob, Roger Jr., Feng, Jula, Eddy, and Bruce.

Poor Julia. While not a character I like, she really got the short end of the stick. She doesn’t even get to talk to anyone in the dialogues (and unlike Zafina, Julia has no screen time in the cut scenes to speak of either).

New T6SC Pages Added

More T6SC Pages added today. This time for King and Marduk, Armor King, Baek, and Hwoarang, all can be found here.

I have more to come, many screenshots have been taken. They just aren’t uploaded with matching pages yet.

SingStar US reaches online licensing agreement with Universal Music Group

As found on NeoGAF in the main Singstar topic yesterday, SingStar US is finally getting tracks from Universal Music Group.

NeoGAF topic with announcement.

PlayStation blog post with announcement.

For me, this is fantastic news. Many of the updates for the US since a similar agreement for Europe have been severely lacking, and I have long wanted some of the Lady Gaga tracks, particularly “Poker Face,” and “Bad Romance.” Add in “Just Dance” for good measure. I have something to look forward to tomorrow.