Section Added

I have added a section called “Video Games” with a page titled “Tekken 6 – Scenario Campaign.” You will always see me speak of T6SC with disdain because it ruined the story and story mode for me with the worst character of all time foricibly shoved down my throat in truly the most disgusting way imaginable. Somebody please shoot the idiot(s) who thought that was a good idea.

But let’s forget about this worst character ever ’cause he sucks.

The rest of the mode is alright, and there are diaologues characters have between each other in the stages, so I took screenshots of my own personal favorites talking to others. The page is for that, the part that I didn’t hate but liked.

Check it out here:
Tekken 6 – Scenario Campaign


Well, here I am trying WordPress for the site again. I think a number of issues came up when fiddling with things last time, and I ultimately dumped it in favor of my LiveJournal feed.

The main issue is any kind of updating I have to do because of backing up things, stuff like that. Hopefully, I can be better about that if I stick with WordPress this time.

I don’t use LJ much anymore, and I’m not so sure I want it feeding into my site anymore either. I may still go back to it if WordPress proves to be too much of a hassle.

We shall see in due time.